Migration Guide: Legacy Search API Web Service

Legacy Search API Web Service

If your application currently uses Legacy Search API Web Service, it is important that you migrate to the new RCSB PDB Search API so that your application continues to work.

Migration Guidelines Summary:

Generic Search Service

Legacy Search API provided a list of preconfigured query options with fixed return type defined by the query type:

New search system provides flexible search options that can include any combination of fields, available for search. Refer to the Structure Attributes Search and Chemical Attributes Search pages for a full list of searchable fields. Also, return type does not depend on the query type. The following return types are available and can be chosen for any search query:

Search for Sequences

Legacy Search API utilized the BLAST method. Former endpoint /pdb/rest/getBlastPDB1. New search system employs MMseqs2 tool. An example of sequence similarity search with protein sequence:

Search for Ligands

The /pdb/rest/smilesQuery endpoint is discontinued. Chemical structure search service is re-implemented using tools from the OpenEye Chemical Toolkit. Chemical search queries are not backward compatible. Please, refer to Search Services documentation to learn more about search options available in the new system.

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