RCSB PDB Search API v1 → v2 Migration Guide

Search API v1 → v2 mapping

Migrating from v1 to v2 involves updating your endpoint URLs to call the new v2 version and modifying your applications to account for breaking changes introduced in v2.

Search Request

Here's a mapping of how v1 search queries map to v2:

Text Attribute Search Parameters

Use the range operator instead of the deprecated range_closed operator

v1 v2

The range operator no longer accepts an array of values as an input. Use an object notation to query ranges

v1 v2
Strucmotif Search Parameters

If you used this search API to search for structure motifs, refer to this list of breaking changes in strucmotif query parameters:

v1 v2
Structure and Strucmotif Search File Upload Parameters

File upload parameters for structure and strucmotif services have changed:

v1 v2
Request Options

If you used request_options to paginate through the search results, note that the pager parameter is renamed to paginate

v1 v2
Faceted Queries

If you used the filtering capabilities for faceted (aggregated) search queries, you need to change your applications to account for the following changes:

v1 v2

Following parameters were removed from the faceted (aggregated) search queries:

Aggregation name parameter was added to faceted (aggregated) search queries. This property is required:

v1 v2
Results Metadata

The results_verbosity parameter default changed from verbose to minimal. Additional metadata will no longer be returned by default and search results will be represented by the identifier and a total score only. Set results_verbosity to verbose to match an old behavior

v1 v2

Search Response

Here's a mapping of how v1 search response maps to v2:

Faceted queries response

If you used faceted (aggregated) search queries, refer to this list of breaking changes:

v1 v2

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